The Construction Industry in Kenya and framework advancement is a focal mainstay of Kenya’s vision 2030 and in 2015 the US$3bn development segment contributed 4.8% to the Kenyan economy.

In Nairobi, the capital and biggest city of Kenya, there is one of the biggest exile networks in the mainland because of the critical number of multinationals who have picked Nairobi as either their African center or East and Central African center point. The resurrection of property advancement in Nairobi has pulled in worldwide consideration.

Rising number of construction activities, growing demand for ceramic tiles in offices, malls, restaurants and resorts, technological advancements, increasing demand for ceramics from emerging countries are some of the factors favoring the market.

The demand for ceramic tiles is increasing rapidly owing to the constructing projects from emerging countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. These tiles are mainly used in bathrooms & kitchen floors.

In 2017, total tile consumption in Africa reached 920 million sqm following uninterrupted growth with volumes more than doubling over the previous nine years While local production followed a similar trend, increasing from 308 million sqm in 2008 to 700 million sqm in 2017, it was still insufficient to fully meet demand. As a result, the African continent continues to be the third largest macroregion for world ceramic tile imports.

Around 77% of total 2018 imports were met by the top three supplier countries, namely China, Spain and India, which together exported a total of 230.9 million sqm to Africa

East Africa’s largest economy has a housing shortfall of 2 million homes and only about 26,000 mortgages. The Kenyan president’s big 4 agenda includes a plan to build 500,000 housing units by 2022.

Tiles and ceramics industry is an open market whereby there is a lot of imports and furthermore the assembling of the items locally to fill the hole of popularity. The importation mainly comes from the following countries namely:

EUROPE, amongst others

There is a gigantic interest for artistic and ceramic tiles in Kenya, with an expansion of 15 to 20 percent for each year.